April 10, 2024

Celebrating Ashley’s 21st birthday

Celebrating Ashley’s 21st birthday, I crafted a culinary journey that paints the canvas of our family's love with her favourite flavours from our home kitchen.

We kicked off with a Yellowtail ceviche, a dish singing with zesty notes and the freshness of the sea. Each slice was a harmonious melody of tender fish and the bright accents of citrus, adorned with creamy avocado.

The Fennel soup was a tribute to Ashley’s love for root vegetables. In the absence of her favourite parsnip, fennel stepped into the spotlight, its subtle aniseed charm weaving through the warm, velvety broth.

For the main act, award-winning Kagoshima Wagyu Sirloin took centre stage. A symphony of marbled perfection, it sat proudly amidst a garden of colourful roasted baby carrots, their earthy sweetness a fitting tribute to the meat's opulence.

Her birthday cake was a new creation by Mum, a ginger cinnamon cake that whispered tales of exotic spice markets and warm, comforting embraces.

The meal was a mosaic of Ashley's favourites, a gathering of tastes and aromas that have shaped her palate over the years. To Ashley, may your life be just like this dinner - full of flavour, warmth, and the unending love of family. Here’s to the next chapter and the many more feasts to come! Cheers!

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