April 10, 2024

Fu Yuan Ju (福缘居)

A short walk from the historical Hefang Street, Fu Yuan Ju (福缘居) offers a culinary encounter that is both a nod to Hangzhou's past and a testament to its present. It is a Michelin-recommended spot where locals queue for a taste of authenticity.

At Fu Yuan Ju, the wait is part of the experience. It is a build-up of anticipation as you sit on humble stools outside, studying the menu under the soft glow of the restaurant's sign. Inside, tanks of live fish and seafood promise freshness, a commitment you can taste in every dish.

Their signature chicken (油淋鸡) is a standout. The golden skin sits atop the tender flesh, each bite infused with the heady richness of scallion oil.

The tile fish (瓦块鱼) is another marvel - delicately sliced and simmered in a ginger-scallion broth so flavourful, it dances on the palate. And then, the crispy fried intestine (脆皮大肠), an adventurous yet delightful crunch that surprises first-timers and satisfies regulars alike.

The menu continues with unpretentious stars like the deep-fried bean curd skin stuffed with minced pork (腐皮葱花肉), or the simple stir-fry of Chinese yam and black fungus (山药黑木耳) - both crunchy and refreshing.

Dining at Fu Yuan Ju is unassuming in ambiance but rich in gastronomic sincerity. This is where you go for hearty, honest cooking that does not just feed the stomach but also the soul. Hangzhou on a plate - bold, traditional, and unapologetically delicious.


Fu Yuan Ju (福缘居)
No. 35, Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Mainland China

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