April 10, 2024

Red Star Restaurant

Stepping into Red Star Restaurant is like traversing back to the golden era of Cantonese dining, with its lavish carpet underfoot and an elaborate ceiling above, reminiscent of an opulent past. The stage, set with a red backdrop, is silent today, but one can imagine the echoes of banquets past, the laughter and conversations that have seasoned the air. It is not just the decor that sings tales of yesteryear; it is the push-carts, helmed by spirited aunties, that bring the old-school charm of dim sum to your table. Their wheels might squeak slightly, but that's just part of the music in this culinary theatre.

Every cart is a trove of Cantonese treasures: from the pillowy char siu bao to the delicate intricacies of siew mai and har gow, each piece is a testament to the mastery of dim sum art. But it is not just about the bite-sized delights; the claypot fish head recommended by Benny is a showstopper. Tucked beneath its bubbling surface lies a symphony of flavours - tender fish head, succulent roast pork, earthy mushrooms, soft tofu, and a medley of vegetables. Each ingredient generously contributing its unique note to this harmonious dish.

Visiting Red Star is like uncovering a secret chapter in Singapore’s culinary book with stories passed down through generations, much like the recipes of the dishes that grace it. Red Star may not be a new fashionable culinary hotspot, but it is a reminder that some traditions are delicious enough to stand the test of time.



Red Star Restaurant
54 Chin Swee Rd, #07-23, Singapore 160054

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