April 14, 2024

Sarai Fine Thai

At Sarai in Tanglin Mall, the essence of Thai cuisine is remastered with a contemporary twist by the skilled Chef de Cuisine Lisa Khamphuang. The dishes showcase a balance of innovation and tradition that is both delightful and familiar.

The 'Yum som o puu nim' reimagines the classic pomelo salad with the addition of crispy soft shell crab, creating a playful contrast in textures. 'Goong Sarong' offers prawns in a crispy coating, paired with a tangy Thai sweet chilli sauce, providing a simple yet refined taste.

For something richer, the 'Ped tod sos makam' brings French-style duck confit adorned with a spicy tamarind sauce, blending the succulent with the tangy; and the 'Pla gao sam rod' features garoupa with a tantalising three-flavour sauce.

'Gaeng kati puu' is a curry that cocoons the sweetness of flower crab in creamy coconut goodness. Meanwhile, the 'Pad pak maeo moo grob' combines roasted pork with stir-fried chayote sprouts, offering a satisfying crunch and 'Khao pad nam lieb' or olive fried rice serves up comfort in every spoonful.

Sarai's fine setting, with its crisp linen and elegant stemware, matches the quality of the cuisine, creating an atmosphere perfect for enjoying good food with loved ones.

In summary, Sarai presents a thoughtful Thai dining experience that is both grounded and graceful, satisfying the soul as much as the palate.



Sarai Fine Thai
163 Tanglin Rd, #03 - 122 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933

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