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September 19, 2022

Firangi Superstar

Dining at Firangi Superstar along Craig Road is an extremely visual experience.

February 22, 2022

MTR Singapore

Although I love my Dum Biryani and Chicken Tikka, I really do not know much about Indian cuisine especially Indian vegetarian cuisine. But I definitely enjoy the way Indians bring out deep flavours in their food with a wide variety of spices that truly excite my taste bud.

So when my Indian colleagues suggested to meet up for lunch at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) Singapore, I immediately said YES! Originally from Bangalore, MTR is widely recognised as the top South-Indian Vegetarian restaurant in Singapore and one of the best outside India.

I let my Indian colleagues do all the ordering and explanation while I get my camera and stomach ready for an Indian vegetarian feast.

First up is Rice Idly which is freshly steamed rice cake served with ghee, green coconut chutney and sambar (lentil and vegetable stew). The rice cakes are soft and fluffy like warm pillows. Pour the ghee, chutney and sambar over and mix everything together for a delicious mess!

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