See’s Bakes

S’s homebaked cookies, cakes and breads.

Take-Away Platters

A’s gourmet platters for your enjoyment at home.

Private Dining

We are not doing this on a full-time basis but from time to time we do share our passion by hosting private dinners at our humble abode. It is open to friends, friends of friends or anyone who wishes to meet and connect with new and interesting people through our food and wine.

Or if you have any special occasion and wish to celebrate it in a relaxed and cosy home setting with your friends and loved ones. Contact us and, as long as we are available, we will make your event a very lovely and enjoyable one. Just get your group together, decide what you would like on your menu and we will do the rest!



Any Enquiries?

Feel free to message us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible