April 10, 2024

绿茶餐厅 Green Tea Restaurant

Nestled on Longjing Road, amidst the serenity of Hangzhou’s West Lake area, lies a culinary gem far surpassing my initial expectations. After a morning stroll through the verdant Longjing Village (龙井村) tea plantations, we ventured to the Green Tea Restaurant (绿茶餐厅), whose name belied its grandeur and gastronomic delights.

The bustling scene of patrons eagerly awaiting their feast did not deter us; rather, the wait was an indulgent pause, where the tranquil koi pond, the strumming guzheng melodies, and the allure of the courtyard offered a charming prelude to the meal that awaited.

And what a meal it was! The Green Tea Restaurant masterfully transforms the humble into the extraordinary. The Dong Po Pork (东坡草扎肉), artfully tied with grass straw, melted in the mouth, its flavours a testament to the skilled hands that crafted it. A spectacle of culinary artistry was the steamed croaker fish (花雕肉饼蒸大黄鱼), its flesh parted with precision, resting on a savoury bed of minced pork – a harmonious union with the subtle warmth of Chinese wine.

The Peking-style roast duck (开炉烤鸭), with its gleaming, crisp skin, was nothing short of amazing, while the braised big intestines (香卤肥肠) were a bold and flavourful journey. Yet, it was their signature dessert that left an indelible mark. The “Bread Temptation” (面包诱惑), a whole loaf hollowed and toasted to buttery perfection, then ingeniously reassembled and crowned with a cool scoop of ice cream, was a playful dance of textures and temperatures.

The Green Tea Restaurant was not just a place that served green tea and amazing food; it was a place that served memories, woven with the threads of culinary mastery and the simple joy of a meal shared. Truly, one of the highlights of our Hangzhou escapade.


绿茶餐厅 Green Tea Restaurant
83 Longjing Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310007

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