April 10, 2024

肉墩墩生滚猪杂粥 嘟嘟煲

As the evening temperature dipped in Hangzhou, we discovered a Cantonese eatery tucked just a heartbeat away from our hotel, recommended by the locals. Our first encounter with their signature pig organ porridge (生滚猪杂粥) was a late-night delight, served in a humble claypot, it warmed our senses and prepared us for the culinary adventures that were to follow.

The second visit unfolded after a day spent meandering through the historic Nanxun. We returned to the familiar lantern glow of the eatery where a claypot chicken steamboat (嘟嘟煲) awaited. The thick yellow broth was a golden pool of comfort, into which we immersed our chosen vegetables and side dishes, simmering them to perfection.

The oysters, oh so plump and sweet, each one was a succulent testament to the eatery's dedication to freshness. Alongside these marine treasures, traditional Cantonese dishes graced our table - the earthy claypot black bean fish nestled with tender lettuce (鲮鱼油麦菜), the hearty steamed waxed meats, and the adventurous chicken feet, each dish whispered stories of Guangdong's culinary soul.

It is often said that the essence of Cantonese cooking lies in the quality of the raw ingredients, and this humble spot beneath our hotel window held onto this truth with great care. Every bite was not just nourishment, but a story of Hangzhou's wintry embrace and the warmth that lingers within.

肉墩墩生滚猪杂粥 嘟嘟煲

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