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September 09, 2022

@bussorah Golden Mile Food Centre

A very different kind of laksa from what I am used to.

February 19, 2022

86 Lor Mee

I have lots of respect for the many immigrants who left their homelands and journeyed to this part of the world. Like our forefathers, they have shown hunger and drive to seek a better life in this new land. They work hard in search of new opportunities and many have turned to hawking in many of our food centres.

While most of them have introduced interesting dishes originated from their countries of origin, others have picked up skills to cook and mastered familiar local dishes that even we Singaporeans are proud of.

This relatively new Lor Mee stall at Beach Road food center is helmed by a Vietnamese lady who had never heard or tasted this popular gooey noodle until she came to Singapore years ago.

The Lor (gravy) gives off a balanced five-spice aroma. Combined with the minced garlic, black vinegar and chilli, it smothers the yellow flat noodle with multiple layers of flavours and shiokness. In addition to the usual ingredients like eggs, braised pork and Ngoh Hiang,